Iron Headboards for a Soft Rest

Your bed Original Bedsteads Arigna Cast Iron Bed Frameis the centre piece of your bedroom. The selection of the bed thus, makes a considerable difference to the overall appearance of the bedroom. A bed with an iron headboard can add a touch of class to the bedroom. Iron headboards like the Original Bedsteads Arigna Cast Iron Bed Frame can truly transform the bedroom with the beautiful matte finish iron frame and a lovely camel design headboard. It has an arched top and the geometric pattern on the top makes it a good fit for just about any décor. A non-toxic finish takes care of your little ones. If you are renovating your bedroom or want a new look with juOriginal Bedsteads Marseille Iron Bed Framest a few changes, the iron headboard is a great choice. With iron headboards, you need not shell out a huge amount to give your bedroom a makeover. With so many iron headboards to choose from, you would love the way your room looks and people are surely going to be complimenting you for your aesthetic sense.
The Grace Frontier Headboard is for those who would like to have a new look and also add some luck to your room with the horseshoe. This horseshoe and steer head design gives it a beautiful charming look. This is made of wrought iron and there are eight different finishes for you to choose from. You also have the flexibility to buy the headboard separately.

If white metal is what you have in mind to match the décor of your room then the Original Bedsteads Marseille Iron Bed Frame would be a beautiful choice to look out for.

Did you know…?

Iron headboards, since the ages, have been associated with aristocracy and have been a symbol of style and class. A few decades back, the price tag attached to the iron headboards made it one that only the royalty could afford. Today however, these are available at very attractive and affordable prices and can be your prized possession without making a hole in your pocket.

-Guest Blogger: Vandana

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Nov 18, 2009
#1 Dale from :

An iron headboard definitely has a subtle sophistication about it, and you can now choose some really delicate designs.

Dec 9, 2009
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Jan 29, 2010
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