Makeup and Beauty No-No’s for 2010

Nicole KidmanNone of us fancy looking like the ghostly Nicole Kidman in her very recent makeup mishap. Hence few things to look out for in 2010 ☺

  • No matter how much you love your Mascara, you have to dispose it off within 3 months of opening it or as soon as it starts coming out clumpy on application. Hence I always suggest not to invest a fortune in Mascara’s as may it be drugstore brands or those luxury brands we splurge on in departmental stores, there will always be a shelf life to it. So why not be better off with a Rimmel or a Maybelline Mascara?
  • Get yourself some new moisturisers and face creams this year. Creams have a tendency to go watery after a few months hence always check on their expiry date and make sure you never use it after that. There is also this hygiene issue involved with creams as they may develop clumps on the opening of the bottle which will attract bacteria so always make sure to clean that part with a cleansing wipe often.
  • Most of us (including me!) have been lazy quite a few times in washing the makeup brushes we own. I cannot believe some people still are not aware that they HAVE to wash their makeup brushes regularly. In fact there’s a make up makrobunch of people out there who are scared of washing their brushes as they believe they might ruin them! It is important you wash your makeup brushes with mild shampoo every week ladies and make sure you clean them with a cleansing wipe after every use. If you avoid doing this, the result will show up on your skin in some or the other way.
  • Always leave home before giving yourself a last glance in the mirror. No matter where you might head for, school, college, university or just to the mall – never forget to have a last glance. Especially if you are going to an occasion or a party where you are likely to be taken pictures off, always check your makeup in sunlight or take a picture in the camera with and without flash and verify the results. High amount of Mica in some cosmetics may lead to that ghostly appearance in photos.

Did you know…?
Last but not the least a healthy skin will always radiate even without makeup so don’t forget to take good care of it by following the Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize routine religiously.

- Guest Blogger: Shifa F. from

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Posted by simon   @   5 January 2010
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Jan 7, 2010
#1 Karima :

thanks a lot for the useful tips! :)

Jan 7, 2010
#2 Sonia :

I will look forward to reading your blog!
The makeup brushes tip is very true..I once did not wash them for a while and it resulted in a breakout :(

Jan 7, 2010
#3 Sarah :

Lovely post!

Feb 1, 2010

It’s true that none of us fancy looking like the ghostly Nicole Kidman in her very recent makeup mishap. Creams really have a tendency to go watery after a few months so always check on their expiry date. Very nice post, thanks. Keep on updating with such information.

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