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Do you have any questions for our Fashion Experts? Just ask anything you want that has to do with fashion – maybe you have a question about choosing an evening outfit or the right shoes, or whether or not a necklace fits well with a certain dress. Even if you just have a question about the latest fashion trends or any other concerns, our Fashion Experts are happy to help. We will give you a short, sweet answer that will solve your fashion woes. We love fashion, so go ahead and ask us one today by leaving your question in our comment box below.

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Posted by maricki   @   14 April 2010

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May 5, 2010
#1 Jane :

Hi Guys, I am sort of desperate, I am going for a business dinner next week and I really don't know what to wear. I have only been to business lunches but not business dinners. I look around me and can not decide how formal or festive I should dress. I need an idea please.

May 6, 2010

Hi Jane,
Don’t worry! There is no big difference between a business lunch and dinner. You can choose to dress up more festively for a business dinner however. If the business dinner takes place immediately after work, no one will expect you to go home and change.

A trouser suit with a high quality tailored cotton shirt underneath the suit jacket or a nice blouse with a pair of dress suit trousers or even just a simple navy or black dress are all good options. If you are wearing a dress or skirt, make sure that it is at least knee length. Wear matching pumps and avoid open-toe shoes, stiletto heels or white shoes.

You can wear some make up and minimal jewellery such as earrings and a necklace. Stay away from jewellery that makes noise.
Remember that you want your clothes to project a professional image, even if it is during an evening function.

The Shopaholic Team

May 10, 2010
#3 FHA :


Help! I have been trying to find out where Geri Halliwell got the pale pink one shoulder dress she wore on the Piers Morgan interview. Any information appreciated!


May 12, 2010


Thanks for this great questions. First of all I love the dress too. It is so cute. It took me a while to find it. I couldn't find the exact designer but I found a one shoulder silk dress by Isabel Marant Etoil that looks similar. <img class="alignright src="; alt="isabel marant etoil dress" />. It is a bit expensive. There are great alternatives. Topshop has a one should cover up in different colours. Or check out an Emily & Fin Sadie dress.

May 27, 2010
#5 Henry :

Dear Fashion Team,

I was asked by my mate to be his best man at their wedding next month. While I am very honoured I have no idea what I should wear. Can you give me any advice what men are supposed to wear in this role?

May 28, 2010
#6 The Shopaholic Team :

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your question. What you can wear as best man really depends on the type of wedding you are attending. Is it a traditional wedding, a modern wedding or maybe a Scottish wedding? Ask your mate and his bride-to-be what plans they have and what they want their best men and bridesmaids to wear. Assuming that they plan on having a traditional wedding, a suit is always a good choice. Some people say the groom and the best man should wear matching suits. If this is not required, you can choose what you like. What about a classic black tail or an Edwardian suit? It’s up to you what colour you choose but we suggest going for darker colours. It looks more elegant. Just remember that you will spend the whole day in your suit. So make sure that it fits perfectly and is comfortable.

Besides that, suitable shoes are also important. You should buy them in advance to ensure that you have enough time to break them in. Buy your shoes after your suit, so that the shoe colour matches exactly. Choose a pair of shoes that you really like because you might want to wear them after the wedding as well. I hope you have a better idea of what to wear now. Enjoy the wedding!

The Shopaholic Team

Jun 2, 2010
#7 Philippa :

I really want to get an "investment" pair of jeans that will last years and not go out of style. I'm a size 10 and 5"5 and would like to know some great brands and styles. I'm prepared to spend more than my average (£30) but as i'm only 21 my budget isn't huge.

Jun 3, 2010
#8 Juliette :

I’m pregnant and I’m looking for maternity clothes. Unfortunately it’s not easy to find fashionable clothes. Can you help me? Thanks.

Jun 4, 2010
#9 The Shopaholic Team :

Hi Juliette, congrats, when is the baby due? If the baby is due after the summer, clothing is much easier because you can play with nice dresses and skirts. If the baby decides to only come in winter, this is the period we need to look out for. Let's see, so for summer you don't have to worry, I wouldn't buy anything, rather play with what you have at home. You can wear dresses and tops and even cut of long skirts and pull them up so that it looks like a boob tube. When going into winter I suggest to get one or two maternity trousers and a warm jacket. Rachel has some amazing tips on maternity clothes on our blog. There is quite a bit of stylish clothing out there. Just take an afternoon off and really browse the relevant high street shops and don't forget the online shops. You don't need a lot, just key pieces. Also keep your eyes and ears open for second hand maternity clothing sales and what about asking friends and families? That way you get what you need and find little luxury items. Good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.

The Shopaholic Team

Jun 4, 2010

Hi Philippa,

Thanks for the great question. Because yours is such an important one that we often get asked, I've decided to answer you in a more comprehensive fashion. You can view your answer here:

Hope this helps your search for the perfect pair of jeans :) Best of luck to you.

Jun 22, 2010
#11 Alec :

My parents are big motorcycle fans. They love to tour holidays to Wales and Scotland with their mates. They always tell me there is nothing better than cycling miles and miles on their bikes. Now their anniversary is coming up and my sister and I, we would like to give them new boots for it because they plan a big trip to Southern Europe. What boots could you recommend for the two of them?


Jun 23, 2010
#12 The Shopaholic Team :

Hi Alec,

Thank you for your great question. I think it is an amazing gift idea for your parent's anniversary.
Our team thought for a while what would be the best boots we know about. So we wrote a little blog post about it. Check it out here.

We hope this will help you to find the right pair of boots.
The Shopaholic Team

Jul 15, 2010
#13 Rosa :

Hello Shopaholic Team,
I am invited to a wedding and need something to wear over my dress in the evening. Do you have any advice on what I could go for?
Thanks for your help,

Jul 16, 2010

Dear Rosa,

please take a look at this blog post: Match your Dress with a Jacket to keep warm.

We hope it helps you!

The Shopaholic Team

Nov 12, 2010
#15 kevin :

would you happen to know which brand this bomber jacket is from?

Author Nov 18, 2010
#16 admin :

Hey Kevin,

Thanks so much for the question!! We have your answer here:

Thanks and please let us know if we can help you with anything else.



Mar 18, 2011
#17 orla :

i am a 21 year old woman. i look very young for my age. could u please give advice to look more sophiated and mature looking.

Mar 25, 2011
#18 Tari :

Hi Orla!

Thank you for your question. We have written a response to you in a blog post that can be found here: How to Look More Mature and Sophisticated

We hope it’s helpful! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice.

The Shopaholic Team

May 24, 2012
#19 Fran :


I have had problems with shoes fitting for years and I wondered if you could offer me some kind of advice or point me in the direction of the right retailer…

I really struggle with shoes fitting round the toes and end up with my toes crammed into the end of the shoe and most uncomfortably, pushing up into the upper fabric. The only way I can relieve this problem is to buy a bigger size, which makes them slightly comfier but huge on the rest of my foot. I presume this is a width problem, though I have tried plenty of wide fit shoes but these are always too big, as it is not the widest part of my foot I have problems with, just depth around the toes.

I’m not sure what solution you can offer me but I am not exaggerating when I say I am down to one pair of work shoes! Do you know of any retailers who cater for this problem? Or at least sell soft, comfy, fashionable ladies’ flats so they will stretch to the shape of my foot?

Hope you can help but I understand it’s a very unusual, specific problem haha ):

Fran x

Jun 2, 2012
#20 Michelle :

Hi Fran,

Many thanks for your question. I believe you will find your answer in this post:

I hope this is helpful and please feel free to contact us if further advice is needed.


The Shopaholic Team

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