5 Beauty Brands to keep an Eye on

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These are not cult-favourites yet, but they’re gradually making an impact on the Beauty industry these days because of certain products they specialise in. Keep up with the trends and get ready to update your Beauty Bible girls.

Illamasqua – They are a high-end UK based cosmetic brand and are fairly new in the Beauty Community.  However, with a creative team that includes Alex Box they have made a strong impression and are now compared to the King of Cosmetics, MAC.  Their fierce liquid metals are all the rage and their bold dramatic makeup, containing vivid, unusual colours, was made to feed your ‘alterego’.

Inglot – When you enter an Inglot store, it’s like a mini makeup factory – a feast for your eyes for sure. They have a huge colour range in lipsticks, foundations, nail paints, blushes and eye shadows that can be mixed into their very popular ‘freedom palette,’ allowing you to build your own custom made palette. If you name it, they have it! and their quality is rather exceptional for the price they retail for. Inglot products are quite underrated, in my opinion, and need more love for sure.

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Aurifere – To feed your Brush mania, Aurifere is a professional brand that usually appear at IMATS and they have recently started selling their products online. They have a lovely collection of makeup brushes that look professional with their long handles and work effectively, enabling you to work like a pro. Their brushes are very lush and they don’t compromise with quality. They are reasonably priced too, compared to their competitors.  So why not order your starter kit from them today!

Eyeko – For the cutest nail paints in the UK, they come in dinky sized bottles, but are packaged so cutely that they appeal to a vast amount of nail varnish addicts! Plus they retail for a couple punds each which is dirt cheap considering their quality. They don’t have an immense range available but their unique fun colours have made their mark amongst Beauty geeks in the UK.

Eldora – Flutter all the way!  Lashes are what Eldora does best. You can find over 200 types of lashes on their online store, from natural everyday lashes to those that glow in dark! Their collection is breathtaking, their quality, commendable and their prices will leave you rather gobsmacked. Find your perfect set of lashes there and you won’t be disappointed.

Did you know…?
More expensive, hand-tied brushes are well worth getting over cheaper, cut to shape ones because the hand-tied brushes have a smoother tip that holds the makeup better.

- Guest Blogger: Shifa F. from http://getgawjus.blogspot.com

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Posted by simon   @   5 May 2010
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May 11, 2010
#1 Soniya :

I looove inglot stuff! :D

May 11, 2010
#2 Karima :

You are so correct, eyeko polishes never disappoint. super cute and funky colors too!

May 11, 2010
#3 Vaishali :

I wish they would sell Eyeko and Illamasqua in India too :( I should check out Aurifere's brushes though, they sound interesting :)

May 11, 2010
#4 Sarah :

Eyeko and Eldora surely recieve more appreciation… I just tried Eldora lashes as they seem so popular on blogs these days and they were great and yea sooo cheap too…

May 11, 2010
#5 Aly :

am gona check out ya blog now

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