Keyboards for beginners

It’s never too late to learn an instrument, especially the keyboard.  It’s like a musical rite of passage, something that everybody tries at one point or another, and luckily it’s relatively easy to pick up.  If you start with a good keyboard and master the basics, there’s no telling where your musical career could lead.casio lk-230

Start by choosing a quality keyboard with versatile settings that will see you through your beginner stage all the way to your rock star metamorphosis.  An instrument like the Casio LK-230 is perfect to start on since it comes with a Step-Up learning system.  The system has three levels for you to progress through, and lights up the keys as you are supposed to be playing them.  It breaks songs down into manageable segments for you to practise bit by bit until you have a handle on the music.  It also comes with tons of different sound options, so you can experiment with sounds like organ, grand piano, and harpsichord all in one instrument.

Acasio ctk-2100 keyboardnother great option, the Casio CTK-2100 keyboard, has features like metronomes and preset scales for practising.  And since all keyboards give you the option of plugging in your headphones while you’re playing, practise is never inconvenient or embarrassing.  Play whenever you’re inspired, even in the middle of the night.  Once you’ve gotten really good, you can plug in and amp up for everybody to hear.

What songs do you want to learn?

Did you know?

Playing music as a child supposedly enhances mathematical capability.


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Posted by Audrey   @   2 November 2010
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