Staying organised in your workspace

Staying organised can be tough when you’re facing a hectic workload and the last thing you want to do is pick up after yourself. Priorities, right? The world is ripe for conquering, so why waste time using the waste basket? How are a few papers out of place going to harm anything? But efficiency hinges on ease of movement and organisation. Every little chore you push aside, you’re piling up on your future self’s already stressed out shoulders.

Why do you think it’s so hard to stay organized?

hideaway computer deskBecause you haven’t made it easy to do so. By investing in a few key accessories you can cut down on some of the clutter and get every page of that report out on time. A good space saving and efficient way to stay organised in your home office is is a hideaway computer desk. They are basically cupboards with many compartments you can close to keep your workspace from spilling onto the rest of your flat.rexel shredder

But, out of sight out of mind is just a bandage. Get yourself some file racks to easily sweep away the flurry of papers on your desk at the end of the day. Another good option is to buy some A4 folder storage that you can stack neatly on a shelf or against a cubicle wall.

Lastly, if organisation fails, integrate a Rexal shredder into your office flora so you can regularly prune the unessential.

If you’ve ever seen those hoarders on shows like A Life of Grime with their labyrinths of rubbish , you won’t leave another scrap of paper out of place again. Good luck organizing!

Did you know?
Adolph Ehinger’s company EBA first manufactured the cross cut paper shredder in 1959

-Jeff H.

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Posted by Jeff H.   @   25 November 2010
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