Prada Amber, the scent of luxury

The Prada brand name is quintessential Italian luxury. Prada, along with Gucci, has some of the most sought after runway spots in the world. You know that wearing Prada means instant status and a constant battering of envy from the social circle around you.

Yes, Prada is well known in the fashion industry but does the promise their name brings translate well from luxury clothes and leather shoes to the fragrance realm?

Well, for their Prada Amber perfume, the price tag isn’t as exorbitantly high as their clothing and accessory prices (though still not a budget perfume). Amber is a very sophisticated Oriental scent without the warmth typical of Oriental. The strong Patchouli of the middle notes stands out distinctly but it is typically a subtle and understated scent with sweet floral tones. The rain-scented (ozone) atmosphere it exhibits is slightly cold and demure which gives the user a pedestal aura to be observed and admired from afar. With top notes of mandarin, bergamot and orange; middle notes of patchouli and rose and a woody long lasting (4 hours) blend of vanilla, labdanum and sandlewood basenotes, this fragrance is for the mature and elegant boardroom warrior.

Prada Amber definitely graduates you from teen scents like exclamation perfume or anything celebrity touted and keeps in line with their luxury status oriented image. If you’re a fast moving business woman, keep a few Prada purse spray refills on hand so you can be ready to impress colleagues with your scent expertise without overpowering.

Did you know?

Super designer Prada Bros. Mario and Martino started the company in 1913 as a leathergoods shop.

-Jeff H.

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Posted by Jeff H.   @   24 January 2011
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