Air humidifiers for indoor dryness

If wintertime in your home means dry skin, itchy throats and parched air, you may be experiencing a problem with low humidity. Unfortunately to some like myself, dry air during colder seasons triggers various kinds of symptoms like headaches, dry skin, coughing and sneezing, itchy eyes, cracked lips and much more. Although winter weather is often blamed for these problems, another major cause is dry air produced by artificial heating. As a result, humidifying your home to maintain proper moisture levels can help minimize these symptoms and essentially create a healthier home environment.

Air humidifierAn air humidifier is an excellent home necessity that can improve the quality of the air you breathe. Air humidifiers are especially useful during the colder seasons where heating systems tend to dry out the air around your home. Since dry air is a potential source of respiratory problems, owning an air humidifier is a good option to take as a preventative measure.

You’ve probably heard that if set too high or too low, an air humidifier can cause respiratory symptoms and on the other hand can harbor the growth of mold and bacteria. With an air humidifier, you can pre-set its built-in humidistat at an arbitrary level for the desire humidity of that particular room.

Additionally, extractor fans can be used for the same purpose. However, an extractor fan is usually installed in kitchens due to a major source of odour. A good extractor fan would clean the air, reduce condensation build up and pull the particles from the air into its filters.Extractor fan

We all love the convenience of cooking at home and a good quality extractor fan encourages you to cook at home using healthier cooking methods like stir-frying, grilling and boiling. However, many people prefer not to use these methods as they generate a lot of smoke and odour. A powerful extractor fan will remove all these elements while you cook, making such factors unnoticeable.

With the help of a good quality extractor fan, you can eliminate the excuses that cause problems like high condensation, odour, etc. Although extractor fans are only installed in kitchens, its health benefits can be felt around the whole house.


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Posted by Kristina Lewis   @   1 March 2012
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