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gaming computersWith video and computer games being more popular than ever, it is crucial for any avid gamer to have a quality set up in order to maximise your experience. For those new to the gaming industry, video and computer games over the couple years have trended towards online game play. Meaning that rather than playing individually against a computer generated artificial intelligence, gamers are united together through online gameplay, either banding together to defend the CPU or competing against one another. Setting up the ideal gaming system becomes important because without the right equipment, you cannot fully experience the game as the manufacturers intended.

The first item you need is a computer that fits the specific description for gaming computers. The main difference between a typical everyday work computer and a gaming computer can mainly be found in the hardware. Much like a sports car, the gaming computer is built with a better engine and can handle more data faster, more efficient, and more seamlessly. These computers come with a better overall central processing unit, a high-end graphics card that enables your computer to generate and handle tons of information (text, images, animations) to your monitor without delay, and more RAM memory which allows your computer to work more quickly.

In terms of brands, sticking with a classic HP Desktop is not a bad idea, but if you are really serious about your gaming, consider looking at top gaming computer brands like Alienware and CyberPower. These gaming specific computers also come with one extra feature: extensive fans and cooling systems designed for long periods of use.
bose speakers
Another important unit of the gaming computer is the sound system. While it is always nice to have a top of the line speaker system like Bose speakers, if you plan on doing a lot of online gaming consider getting some quality headphones with a microphone headset attachment. Having a “mic” allows you to easily communicate with your online friends and competitors, providing a heads free way to converse tactics or just have a friendly chat while playing.

Did you know?
Blizzard Entertainment’s computer game World of Warcraft has the Guinness World Record for the most popular MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) by subscribers with 10.2 million.


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Posted by Matthew Allen   @   15 March 2012
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