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long down coatWhen it comes to women’s winter coats there are so many different styles to choose from that it can often be difficult to decide on just one! The wide range of various textures, styles and colours can lead to hours upon hours of shopping, trying on a million different coats and eventually getting too frustrated to buy any of them. Lucky for you I’ve come across the most fabulous winter coat for women, and you can order it right from the comfort of your own home! Avoid the frantic holiday crowds this season and spare yourself the time and energy—not only will it make things a lot less stressful, you’ll be absolutely ecstatic about your brand new coat! calf leather boots

The long down coat trend seems to reappear every winter simply because they are the ultimate in warmth and protection from the cold. However, they can often appear unflattering, boxy and bulky. This Jacques Vert long faux fur collar coat is the best of both worlds as it is incredibly stylish, fashionable and chic yet long, warm and durable. Made of a combination of virgin wool, polyester and woven cashmere this single breasted long coat is nothing short of classy and elegant. The hourglass shape not only flatters your figure but keep you feeling feminine and beautiful despite having to bundle up in layers of clothing. The glossy buttons and jet pockets are complimented by a luxuriously fabulous faux fur collar which, together, makes this coat one that every woman desires.

Your best bet is to pair this timelessly classic coat with a pair of calf leather boots to stay cosy yet fashionable at all times. These Dune Roma boots are absolutely stunning with their soft leather composition and decorative buckle detailing. Versatile, sophisticated and simply beautiful these boots will quickly spruce up any outfit and keep you feeling stylish throughout the cold weather months.


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Posted by Michelle White   @   28 October 2012
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