Classy Christmas gifts for gents

Fred Perry navyFrederick John Perry was a championship-winning English tennis player who turned himself into a highly admired brand of its own. Creating his own clothing line quickly proved to be a pivotal move in his fashion career as his ‘Fred Perry’ signature logo became a highly desired and incredibly popular symbol of success. This Fred Perry navy tartan shirt represents the beginning of the mod movement and the shifting styles of the times, making it a perfect gift for a fashionable gent. The short sleeve design with the logo-embossed pocket combined with the flare of the new fashion trends make this shirt edgy and hip. Not only is it a classy, sharp looking shirt, it is versatile enough to wear with jeans or trousers alike. mens zip boots

Men’s zip boots have been a fashion favourite for a steady few years now, and they aren’t going anywhere! In fact, the style, shapes and designs have only gotten better and more unique. These Dublin brown boots by SELECTED make a great gift for gents of all types. The soft, luxurious leather outer combined with the traditional lace-up front make these classic, cool and stylish. However, the thing that truly sets these apart is the inside zip which not only adds flare to the basic boot, but also makes it ten times easier to get them on and off! Trendy and unique these zip up boots are a statement item that cannot be overlooked! Diesel leather belt

Every gentleman who prides himself of his personal appearance and fashion sense needs at least one good belt! Looking smart, sharp and successful directly correlate with how confident a man feels in his clothes. A Diesel leather belt is the perfect gift if you’re not comfortable with buying clothing, cologne or other intimate items as it is a must-have gift for every man no matter who he is. It’s practical, fashionable and will make him look and feel put together when the time calls for it.



Did You Know? 

The largest group of carol singers consisted of 15,111 participants and was achieved by the Hong Myung-bo Foundation  during the Hong Myung-bo Charity Soccer Game in Seoul, South Korea, on 25 December 2010.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   29 October 2012
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