Acova column radiators: live life comfortably

Acova column radiatorsYour home should be a place of comfort, relaxation and warmth—in all senses of the word. The freezing winter chill can be incredibly harsh and leave your body feeling stiff and sore. You shouldn’t have to suffer through temperature extremes after returning home from a day spent braving the harsh winds and cold rain; investing in a radiator is a decision you’ll never regret. Acova column radiators

Acova column radiators are a great choice as they come in a wide range of various shapes and sizes which makes finding the right one for your home easy. Find the house warming or central heating unit that’s right for you and meets your needs by browsing through the broad selection of choices and considering things such as make, model, width and height. If you’ve got plenty of space a larger Acova column radiator in a traditional steel design will not only be a great addition to your home décor, it will keep the temperature just right at all times. This 600 x 628 mm radiator will warm your house quickly so you won’t have to suffer through sitting in an icebox!

However, if you’re tight on space and need something more compact to comfortably fit in your home try a smaller edition in the same sleek design. No more what type of radiator you’re looking for, how much space you have available or the amount of money you’re willing to spend Acova has the perfect option. Using the wall brackets provided you can simply mount the radiator to your wall or use a floor support system.

Live your life in comfort and make your home a warm, cosy place to have gatherings with friends and family during the cold holiday season. Purchasing a radiator will be a gift to yourself that you’ll enjoy throughout the years.


Did You Know?

In 1964 Acova created the concept of the decorative radiator.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   24 November 2012
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