Christmas accessories and gifts for your beloved ones

Christmas gifts

Christmas time gives us the opportunity to share gifts with our friends and family to let them know how much we love and appreciate them. Regardless of the person, unique personalized gifts are perfect for all occasions. There are lots of special gifts to choose from such as beautiful engraved gifts like drinking glasses and engraved pebbles, personalized china plates mugs. Without a doubt, the Christmas baubles are the top sellers every Christmas as they make great presents for any couples 1st Christmas or babies first Christmas they are perfect gifts for everyone.

Christmas dog accessories

Gift-giving to our beloved ones is a natural part of Christmas and our pets aren’t an exception. Every dog deserves a Christmas treat which will keep it happy and waggy-tailed for years to come. If you are thinking of investing into soft and cosy-comfy dog clothes for you pampered pooch then there is a variety of dog clothing available which comes in many shapes and sizes. You can find the world’s biggest names for dog clothes and accessories ranging from dog leads, dog collars, dog coats , dog huddies or just plain old dog tee shirts, made exclusively from Puppia, Pucci, puppy angel, puppypurse, louisdog, pupculture, le chien, mu*shu, fundle, etc..

Christmas decoration accessories

Christmas time also provides the opportunity to fill our homes with wondrous things. The most important, principal Christmas decoration is your Christmas tree. To save yourself some stress and hassle, you can choose a pre-lit Christmas tree. That way you can avoid the mess of getting tangled up in or untangling strands of Christmas lights hour-long and instead concentrate on hanging astonishing ornaments. Its exciting to create your own design out of Styrofoam balls, paper, glitter, buttons and anything else you can think of, or you can buy them directly from thrift shops to save money and find one-of-a-kind ornaments. A beautiful Christmas tree star should accompany your Christmas tree and it should be bold, attention-grabbing and unique. For the rest of the house, decorate your home with glitzy glass beaded decorations and string lights and give your living room a treat with a new throw and classic fireside ware. You can use red, gold and silver ribbons to provide plenty of festive cheer to your home. Bold and thick Christmas ribbons are particularly nice if you place them in the fireplace mantel, around pine garlands for the staircase or the windows.


Shopaholic Christmas gifts tips:

More Than Gifts specialises in Fairtrade, handcrafted and personalised gifts and has been trading since 2004. Their products are often unique, always inspiring and offer quality gift ideas for family and friends. They currently have a large selection of nativity sets, Christmas bags and other festive gifts.




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The song ‘Jinlge Bells’ was copyrighted in 1857. ‘Deck the halls’ is even older – from the late 18th century

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