Creating a convenient kitchen

oil pourerWhen it comes to the kitchen things should be organised, easy and convenient. Achieving this is quite simple, really—it merely requires investing in a few key items that are multi-functional, efficient and compact.

Kenwood chef classic

An oil pourer set is unquestionably a great tool to have handy in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and baking. Instead of having multiple pourers lying around taking up space in your pantry or on your counter, why not combine them into one Duo Drizzler? This tear drop shaped pourer also works as a drizzler, and is designed with two separate chambers for oil and vinegar (or whatever you choose to fill it with.) Not only is it incredibly convenient, it is unique and aesthetically pleasing which makes it a fabulous addition to your dining table. Made from hand crafted glass this modern and contemporary piece is perfect for any kitchen.

kitchen recycling bins

The Kenwood Chef Classic is another kitchen essential that makes cooking and baking easier than ever. Blending mixtures can often be a tedious, time consuming hassle that not only delays your cooking and prepping process, but adds unnecessary stress to your whole routine. Available in a stylish design, this Kenwood blender has various speed settings with electronic speed control and a pulse function for thicker ingredients. Complete with a stainless steel bowl, dough tool, whisk attachment, spatula, K beater, splash guard and cord storage this device has everything you need all in one convenient spot! Not only will it make your baking easier, it’ll keep things organised.

Lastly, kitchen recycling bins can take up a huge chunk of space in an already cramped kitchen. Not only that, they can get messy and ultimately ruin the décor in your kitchen. Why not swap out your old cluttered bins for a two receptacle recycling bin that is sleek, modern and appropriate for a kitchen space? With stainless steel flaps and a metal liner, separating your trash has never looked better. Not only will it makes things much easier on you, saving you time and energy separating your bins and rubbish, it’ll make taking out the trash less stressful as well.


Did You Know? 

The largest bottle of cooking oil measures 5.12 m (16 ft 8 in) tall and contains 3,212 litres (706.54 gal) of camellia oil, in Pingyuan County, Guangdong Province, China.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   8 November 2012
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