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black wardrobesWhen it comes to bedroom furniture there are a number of options to choose from and you must take into account the style and look you’re going for when choosing your set. One option that is often overlooked is black furniture; however, black is truly ideal for any modern bedroom. Purchasing furniture is a long term investment that defines the ambiance and feel of your home setting. One key point is that with black furniture comes the freedom to choose any colour scheme for the rest of your bedroom décor, as well as the ability to change it without worrying about it not matching. The long term versatility and interchangeable nature of black furniture is not its only perk; it is also sleek, stylish and incredibly bold. small wardrobes

Black wardrobes come in so many different shapes and styles but one thing remains true: they are fabulous, timeless units that never go out of style. I particularly love this mirrored 3-door wardrobe with Queen Anne style legs and a lacquered high gloss finish. It’s simple yet elegant, smart, clean and extremely sleek. The mirrored middle section makes it multifunctional, practical and space efficient while the decorative shape gives it character. However, if you prefer a traditional type wardrobe black serves as a statement piece even in the most basic of forms.

If you’re looking for something contemporary but don’t have too much space, small wardrobes are also fantastic for adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your room. This double door wardrobe is compact yet rich in beauty and will make an effortlessly stylish addition to any bedroom. With a high gloss finish and chunky metal handles this unit is warm and inviting in a modern manner. Not only will you have unlimited options for the rest of your room, you’ll have a cosy atmosphere to relax in. Mix and match colours, patterns and designs without buying all new furniture and enjoy the luxurious physique of shiny black furniture.


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Posted by Michelle White   @   17 November 2012
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