Redesigning your den

john lewis leather chairIf you’re in market for remodeling your home den or lounge that probably means you’re looking to update your furniture, décor and overall atmosphere. Making your den as comfortable, cosy and convenient as possible is easier than you may think; in fact, it only requires a few basic items. chrome wall clock

Making sure you have a super comfortable chair to sit back and relax in is crucial. This John Lewis leather chair is your perfect solution simply because it is absolutely stunning and is a top notch quality made product. This traditional style leather chair is made of the softest, most luxurious antique cow hide leather you’ll ever have the privilege of sitting on. The deep, rich colour comes from being hand stained in six different colours before finishing it off with a wax coating, and combined with the decorative stud detailing this chair is aged to perfecton! The down-filled seat cushions are plush and webbed making this unique piece perfect for adding a cultured, classy look to your den. samsung 40" full hd

A contemporary chrome wall clock is an easy and effortless way to give your den an instant makeover and make it look fresh, modern and hip. This simple, functional chrome finish clock is not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly easy to read from any distance. With its attractive clock face design it’ll add character to your wall without being too distracting. Smart, clean and simple this clock is great for any style of room.

Since we’re going for style, comfort and convenience you’ll want to upgrade your old television to one that will make your relaxation time truly remarkable. Add in a Samsung 40″ Full HD TV screen and you’ve pretty much got the ideal set up! Not only will you be able to kick back and unwind on a chair as soft and fluffy as clouds, you’ll be able to enjoy your home entertainment to the absolute fullest with crystal clear picture and crisp sound.


Did You Know? 

The most expensive piece of work by a living artist sold at auction is Benefits Supervisor Sleeping by Lucian Freud, which fetched $33.64 million (£17.27 million) at Christie’s in Manhattan, USA on 13 May 2008.

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