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Without a shadow of doubt, trees are very precious and vital to the environment and our lives. However, they can be very dangerous to people, their families and their surroundings without ever giving away their dangers to the naked eye thereby turning pruning into an absolute essential. You should never underestimate the damage that can be done, and injuries caused by dangerous trees. In many situations your tree can be weak and unstable, meaning dismantling and taking it off could be the only choice. In other cases, tree owners wish to prune their tree for aesthetics, improving the natural shape and character of the tree and stimulating production.

Whether it is tree surgery, hedge maintenance or garden restoration that you are planning it is vital to always ensure that trees are properly maintained and checked on a regular basis. A qualified tree surgeon with extensive liability is capable of providing a complete professional Tree Site Clearance,  Tree Surgery, Tree Maintenance & Garden Maintenance Service.

Tree Care can be approached in two different ways. Tree care for safety involves the removing of branches that are at risk of falling and may cause an accident or damage to property. This type of tree service will also include trimming branches that intervene with lines of sight or are growing in to utility lines. Tree Care for health involves the removing of disease or insect contaminated wood, thinning the crown of the tree to stimulate airflow and removing crossing and rubbing branches. This type of tree care can enable trees to develop a strong structure, eliminate the potential of accident from harsh weather conditions, and support wound closure for any already damaged or diseased limbs. An experienced tree specialist can assist in identifying the ways in which a tree can be maintained for optimal health.


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Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30%

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Posted by Dimitrios   @   16 November 2012
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