Unisa shoes, gladiator sandals and espadrilles

Unisa shoesEveryone knows that women and shoes go hand-in-hand! It’s no secret that we can have a closet full of choices and still need one more pair. Gladiator sandals, as well as espadrilles, have recently become a major phenomenon in the fashion world and offer some of the most exciting styles for women’s sandals. If you’re wanting to update your summer shoe collection while they’re out of season (and probably on sale!), Unisa Shoes offers a wonderfully beautiful range of both of these styles in unique designs and textures.

Gladiator sandals are typically characterised by their super strappy design and “t” shape on top of the foot. Popularised by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, gladiator sandals are flat heeled and originally meant to provide ultimate comfort for everyday activities, including working. Nowadays, however, they are designed for style during the warmer summer months. Because of their versatility these are amongst the most popular of sandals and can be worn with shorts, skirts and jeans alike. Providing that casual elegance in an affordable price makes these sandals a trend that won’t be going out any time soon! Unisa shoes

Espadrilles are typically flat shoes made with rope, hemp or jute. Originating in the Pyrenees Mountains and worn by peasants, these shoes were meant to mould to your feet and provide you with a comfortable security. However, nowadays espadrilles are designed specifically for fashion and chic appeal, and are often available in a wedge or thick heel. Not only are they sleek, sexy and stylish, they are still just as comfortable as they’ve always been. Adding a little pep to your step while sporting a mixture of various textures has never looked better!

Both styles make perfect summertime shoes and offer feminine and fun variations on the standard go-to choices. While gladiator sandals are absolutely ideal for everyday activities and casual wear, espadrille wedges are great for sprucing up an outfit for a semi-formal event, birthday gathering or holiday celebration when a cute tea dress is called for!


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Posted by Michelle White   @   9 November 2012
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