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Piercings and tattoos are forms of body arts that have been exercised and developed throughout history by numerous cultures and have now risen to the level of fine art. Tattooing and body piercing possibly date back since the beginning of the human civilization, and are practiced by many cultures since ancient times, for different purposes such as rituals, identification and displaying wealth & beauty. Body piercing and tattooing are different forms of art which are utilised to improve beauty. Tattoos and body piercing are also perceived as symbols of expressions of independence, for religious or cultural reasons, or to decorate one’s body. For some, these body alterations indicate their freedom of choice, their right to be able to look how they want to look, to express their inner self, in whatever way they feel. Whether it’s the 70’s punk rockers with their multi-coloured Mohawks, or the old seventy year old with their purple rinse, it’s their own choice.

Body piercing and tattooing modification can be performed on the body using a number of techniques, such as, punching, cutting, branding and coloring the skin.


Piercing is performed quickly and without anesthesia by either a spring-loaded ear-piercing gun or piercing needles, with the needle diameter varying from six to 18 gauge. The skin is cleaned, and then the needle and jewelry are inserted through the tissue in one swift motion.



Tattooing is accomplished by injecting pigment into the deeper layers of the skin, usually by way of needles or air pressure. Tattoos can be removed, although results may vary depending on the inks used and the depth of the tattoo. Dark blue, red, some lighter blues and green inks all respond well to laser treatment, but the best candidates for tattoo removal are people with light skin who have a black ink tattoo.



Shopaholic Body Piercing and Tattoo art tips

Proffesional Tattoo and Piercing Studios, Westgate Road (opp mile castle pub) and Grainger Street (next door to Ann Summers)


Did You Know ?

Piercings and tattoos date as far back as five thousand years, when different cultures used both for traditional or ritual purposes.



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