Creating a contemporary minimalist home

coat standCreating a contemporary minimalist atmosphere with your home décor is done by using simplicity as your key theme. In other words, the fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect, eliminating all non-essential items and unnecessary extras. However, stripping down to the bare essentials does not have to mean your home looks bland or lacks style; in fact, minimalist design can be the most intriguing and unique way to fashion your living quarters.

This ‘Sticks’ coat stand is a prime example of truly awesome minimalist style. A simple, functional yet incredibly artsy and creative way to hang your coats this stand has nine revolving hangers made to resemble the sun-starved branches of a pine tree. Available in four contemporary colours this modern coat stand is sleek and compact making it easy to place anywhere you need it. Adding style to something so basic is a unique way to decorate your home while saving space. Set it by your front door and you’re sure to receive compliments from all of your guests! woven cotton rugs

Minimalist style does not mean feeling uncomfortable in your home. Woven cotton rugs in a basic grey or light mocha colour are fabulous for adding cosiness while keeping it simple and practical. Made of hand woven wool and cotton this supremely snug rug is soft, stylish and versatile, allowing you to change up the surrounding décor as you see fit.  wall clocks

Wall clocks are a great way to spruce up bare walls and are functionally useful in every home. This minimalist metal clock has a circular face and steel spike hour markers which create a stunning 12-point star effect. Truly a strikingly gorgeous wall piece this clock is basic but extremely attractive and will catch the eye of every visitor you have in your home—guaranteed!



Did You Know? 

The worlds oldest surviving working clock is the faceless clock dating from 1386 at Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire, UK. It was restored in 1956 having struck the hours for 498 years and ticked more than 500 million times.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   22 December 2012
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