Make the most out of your hobbies

folding trolleyMaking your favourite pastimes and hobbies more convenient and easier to enjoy will only add to the joy you get out of participating in them.

If you’re a golf lover and enjoy spending your free time practicing your swing, a folding trolley is essential. Lightweight yet incredibly sturdy, durable and suitably robust this golf trolley is easy to pull around any golf course. Not only does it fold up—which makes it perfect for storing in compact places—it is made to carry your bags and clubs without hassle. Simply fold it up and stick it in even the smallest of car boots, take it with you, and make your life that much simpler  The detachable wheels are great for avoiding mud and grass getting in your car or home after a day on the course. Plus, the built-in scorecard keeper and pen holder are exceptionally convenient! puma bodytrain

If you love casual exercise but find yourself strapped for time why not invest in a pair of Puma Bodytrain sneakers? Built for strengthening your legs and calves, as well as toning up your body, these sneakers are great for wearing while walking to work, doing your chores or going about your usual shopping. Kill two birds with one stone and work out while you take care of your daily tasks. Not only are they great for your legs, they’re stylish as well! electric bike

A foldaway electric bike is ideal if you’re looking to combine your love of cycling with the ease and convenience of a compact bicycle. This bike requires minimal storage space and can effortlessly be taken on public transportation for commuting to and from work. With the help of a powerful electric engine this bike is not only extremely fun but very economical. Make travelling around more fun and appealing than ever before.


Did You Know?

The heaviest motorcycle is the Harzer Bike Schmiede, built by Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of Zilly, Germany, which weighed 4.749 tonnes (10,470 lb) on 23 November 2007.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   20 December 2012
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