Furniture for tight living spaces

small leather chairIf you’ve got a small living space it’s probably in your best interest to buy furniture that won’t take up too much space. Luckily there are certain furniture items designed specifically for compact quarters so that you won’t have to sacrifice comfort and style for size. small coffee tables

This small leather chair from Fletcher is the perfect piece to add to your den or family room. It’s compact yet extremely cosy and made from beautiful destroyed raw leather. The rustic yet contemporary feel of the chair is enough to add life and atmosphere to your room in an instant. Made with a hardwood frame, synthetic webbed suspension, and antique oak feet this lovely leather chair is top-notch quality and made to perfection. The foam and fibre filled cushion is soft, plush and reversible. Enjoy the luxurious feel of a leather sofa in a smaller version and save as much space as possible with this chair from Fletcher! tall wood bookcase

 Small coffee tables are also designed specifically for small family rooms and come in a variety of unique designs. Made from the finest quality Sheesham wood this round Thacket coffee table is absolutely stunning. The beautiful grained wood is stained and waxed to ensure a long lifespan of the brown finish. The wrought iron handles combined with the portcullis ironwork add a touch of flare, charm and uniqueness to this fine wood table making it one of a kind. It may be small but its eye-catching design is enough to make it the centre piece of any den.

Instead of purchasing multiple pieces of furniture try a tall wood bookcase to store your décor. Instead of width go with height keeping in mind that you’ll be able to display the same amount of items without taking up so much floor space. This gorgeous Sheesham wood bookcase has wonderful detailing and a honey brown finish that will liven up any living room. It’s not only a sight to see, it’s sturdy, reliable and will last through the years.

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Posted by Michelle White   @   10 February 2013
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