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home multi gymIf you enjoy exercising, keeping in shape and staying healthy but don’t live or work near a fitness centre a home gym may be your easy solution! Some of us may even live nearby a workout facility but having to travel there can be quite unmotivating; instead, find yourself working out in the comfort of your own home as frequently as you desire. Not only can you train as little or as much as you want, you can train multiple times a day without having to travel back and forth to the gym. Home multi gyms work with your schedule to ensure that you’re staying active with the utmost convenience. NordiTrack elliptical cross trainer

This home multi gym is the answer to all your problems. A multi gym allows you to experience a variety of total body fitness exercises in a space efficient manner. The various exercises on the machine work to target different areas of the body and allow you to focus on what you find most important. These machines are ideal if you enjoy a bit of everything in your routine. stationary bike

A Nordictrack elliptical cross trainer is a great choice if you’re mostly interested in working your legs, arms and torso. Great for your quadricepts and calves, the elliptical aims to target various leg muscles as well as tone your arm muscles. With 23 workouts and 25 levels of variable resistance you can set the machine to your personal preference and choose from a range of options. The iPod/MP3 input and speakers only make your workout that much more enjoyable!

My personal favourite is the stationary bike as it allows me to work out while watching television, reading a book or talking to mates on the telephone. Cycling is a fabulous way to stay fit and improve your overall health, but the weather doesn’t always permit for a ride around town. With adjustable levels of resistance and various training programmes you’ll experience the joy of biking without having to learn your home.

Did You Know?

The oldest competitive female bodybuilder is E. Wilma Conner (USA, b. 09 May 1935).

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