Keeping your teens active

inline skatesStaying active is directly correlated with staying in shape and maintaining good health. As you get older your energy levels decrease making it a bit more difficult to keep active and get exercise. However, children seem to have all the energy in the world! If your child doesn’t participate in sports or enjoy working out the simple solution is to keep them moving in a fun way that they’ll enjoy. roller skates pink

Purchase your teen a pair of inline skates to cruise around in and they’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Inline skates are fantastic for outdoor activity as they are mega fun and can be used at any time. Let your kids zoom around with their friends and get exercise without even realising it! Using inline skates requires the intense use of leg muscle and serves as a great cardio workout.

For your teenage girl try out a pair of roller skates; pink is always a great choice if black simply wouldn’t suit her. Roller skates differ from inline skates in that they have two wheels on the front and two on the back. The design of roller skates allows for more control and ease of use than inline skates, making them perfect for beginners or casual use. electric scooter bike

If you’ve got an older child you may want to consider something a little more advanced that will keep their attention. An electric scooter bike is an awesome toy for older teens and older siblings as they can enjoy the outdoors in the same manner as their younger brother or sister. The electric scooter uses a powerful motor to reach speeds of up to 18km per hour and recharges in less than 6 hours! Of course, it can also be used as a regular scooter meaning exercise has never been more fun! Get the whole family involved in a fun outing with toys that encourage activity.

Did You Know? 

The longest motorcycle is 22 m (72 ft 2 in) long and was created by Direct Bikes Ltd. and Colin Furze. It was presented and measured at Saltby Aerodrome, Leicestershire, UK, on 27 July 2011.


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Posted by Michelle White   @   21 February 2013
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