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4 September 2014
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Red Lipstick Roundup

Legendary burlesque star Dita Von Teese once said: “Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people.” And no words were ever truer. The power and glam of a red lipstick is so much so that women need not put on any other added color or even …

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27 August 2014
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Make Your Own Natural Moisturiser

Oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin – no matter what skin type you have, all experts agree that one needs a moisturiser to help replenish the day’s effects on your skin. Fortunately, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of face care products in the market that help address the …

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1 August 2014
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5 Concealers to Put in Your Makeup Bag

One must-have in any woman’s makeup kit is concealer. No matter how smooth and clear we think our skin is, there will always be those days that you wish you had a concealer concealed in the deep pockets of your purse. So here’s a round up of 5 concealers we …

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27 June 2014
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How to Prevent Sunburn

Summer’s always fun – having a picnic, hanging by the pool, swimming or reading at the beach. But together with the summer season comes the dreaded sunburn. Here are some quick and easy tips to avoid getting burnt under the scorching sun.
Avoid the sun during peak hours
This means getting out …

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5 May 2014
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4 Makeup Tips for Girls in Glasses

If you’ve ever felt like ditching the makeup just because no one will notice it behind those huge glasses anyway, think again. The makeup sorority doesn’t ban girls in glasses because everyone knows that you can still flaunt your fave beauty looks under the lens. Here are some quick makeup …

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14 February 2014
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How to Care for Dry Hair in Wintertime

Winter is upon us, a time when we cover ourselves with layers of clothes, rush indoors for heat and comfort, and crave for hot chocolate. Because of the toll of the harsh winter weather, we must put more effort in taking good care of our skin and hair since they …

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16 January 2014
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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is a gorgeous season to huddle together in wooly socks over coffee or hot chocolate. It’s a time to pack on layers of those cute baggy clothes and sit by the fire with your favourite, but never finished novel. Yes, winter is a lovely season but sadly, it isn’t …

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1 November 2013
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Essential Hair Styling Tools

As much as we would love to visit the hair salon everyday to get that perfect blowout or tousled wave, most of us have to style our own hair on a daily basis. For beginners it can be quite daunting if you’re used to not styling it. But with our …

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4 October 2013
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Celebrity Branded fragrances

Celebrity branded fragrances started becoming a trend in the early 2000. Celebrities associate their name and image with a signature scent and this is sold as part of their public relations strategy. Most of these celebrity perfumes though do not always make a lasting impact on its audience. Though the …

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10 March 2013
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Convenient vanity products

When it comes to beauty products it’s important to keep things organised and keep it as simple as possible. Having your makeup and jewellery neat, tidy and all stored together in one convenient spot will keep your things cleaner, fresher and longer lasting. 
A vanity beauty case is a must have …

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