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21 April 2014
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5 Post Workout Snacks

Everyone goes through the same urge when they just worked up a sweat – grabbing the nearest snack available, never mind the calories or the fats or the long hour and a half you’ve spent slaving at the gym. Chances are, you might have forgotten to grab a bite for …

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17 April 2014
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Food recipes books and websites

Let’s face it – we all drive busy lifestyles, and consequently preparing food can sometimes be hard and time consuming and sometimes it’s difficult to decide just what to cook. Additionally, those who have kids know that children don’t seem to like anything that’s good and healthy for them thereby …

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15 April 2014
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Easy Easter Entrée Recipes

With just a few days before Easter, fathers are already planning on where to hide the eggs, big sisters are thinking how to decorate them, and mums are already planning the Easter dinner menu. So here are a couple of easy peasy recipes to pair with those hot cross buns …

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14 March 2014
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Cook with Beer on St Patrick’s Day

Alcohol is an inevitable part of St Patrick’s Day. How could we take it away from the celebration which is actually the main reason why Irish people love to drink? And while most of the households are busy preparing their own versions of cocktails, there is always a unique and …

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12 March 2014
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Yellow Smoothie Craze for Spring

You’ve had green smoothies and red smoothies. It’s time for the Yellow Smoothie Craze. It’s the perfect complement to the start of Spring – which we here like to refer to as the “Pastel Season,” with all the light and bright colours for flowy dresses and lace-everything clothes. We’re chuffed …

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4 March 2014
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How Pancake Day started

Pancake Day is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday every year. There is no clear account on how Pancake Day began but the earliest record can be traced back in the fifteenth century when the pancakes were thicker. Shrove comes from the old English word ‘shrive’ which …

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28 February 2014
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Get drunk with caution on St. Patrick’s Day

Green is in and alcohol is inevitable. We celebrate the day until we are all drunk and inebriated. While we all want to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day until we’re wasted each 17th of March, it is always a question of how we get home safely after the beer-driven revelry or …

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25 February 2014
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Sustainable seafood: Which fish can I eat?

When talking about sustainability, it is important to know first where the fish is farmed. Being particular to this information helps you choose wisely since most of the popular species sold in the market like tuna and swordfish may contain mercury, PCBs and other harmful chemicals that may damage the …

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21 February 2014
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7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Green plants are the number one go-to source of beauty and nutrition minerals. At the same time, the addition of green plants in your diet helps give you the necessary vitamins and amino acids you need to help build protein. Chlorophyll, a pigment chockfull of nutrients found in all green …

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17 February 2014
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8 Easy Peasy Red Smoothie Recipes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But that’s not the only red food you can take to keep doctors, maladies, and various sicknesses away. There are strawberries, beets, tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, radishes, red peppers, red beans, red cabbage – the list goes on. Problem is, not all these …

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