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28 October 2013
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Fall season – Essentials for lawn and garden

Who will never fall in love with autumn season? Although it is the time to gather those brown, dry leaves on the ground that signify the end of summer, people love the bright, orange sun rays that give a different kind of soothing feeling. Season changes and plants grow all …

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2 September 2013
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What is guerilla gardening?

People with green thumbs are certainly familiar with guerilla gardening. Those who have just heard of it may think about it as war of gardening when it means planting on an abandoned field or a portion of land that is neglected by the legal owner. It is somewhat considered a …

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21 January 2013
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Garden accessories and furniture

Imagine looking out of your window and onto a garden bursting with life, interest and colour. What a great pleasure that is. A garden designed for you, opens up your personal living space and enhances the value of your property. A garden is your special piece of outdoors; appealing and …

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16 November 2012
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Tree doctor

Without a shadow of doubt, trees are very precious and vital to the environment and our lives. However, they can be very dangerous to people, their families and their surroundings without ever giving away their dangers to the naked eye thereby turning pruning into an absolute essential. You should never …

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