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27 May 2014
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10 Tips for Better Sleep

You know how it feels when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep – you’re unable to focus, you’re cranky, you’re tired all the time, you’re totally grumpy and ready to snatch anybody’s sugary sweet away in 2 seconds flat. Some people use prescription sleep aids to get ample snooze …

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15 May 2014
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Household Remedies for Earache

Before thinking about spending some time and money for a doctor consultation, you might want to check your kitchen first for some household remedies for your earache complaints. Anyway, most ear infections go away even without treating them. But in case you want to get rid of the pain quickly, …

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23 April 2014
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Take a Nap Everyday

Napping isn’t just for kids. Adults need to take a healthy break every now and then, too. When you’re not getting enough z’s at night, a daily nap can help you regain that sense of focus and refreshed feeling, much like waking up from a satisfying 8-hour sleep. But apart …

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21 April 2014
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5 Post Workout Snacks

Everyone goes through the same urge when they just worked up a sweat – grabbing the nearest snack available, never mind the calories or the fats or the long hour and a half you’ve spent slaving at the gym. Chances are, you might have forgotten to grab a bite for …

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14 April 2014
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Why are fibers so healthy?

Fiber comes in a thousand forms and has numerous benefits for our health. It is found in fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains and legumes. Fiber travels through the body without breaking down. Since it is not absorbed or digested, it passes quickly through the digestive tract, mostly …

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9 April 2014
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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been known to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and aid weight loss. With the numerous poses available and the different levels of concentration and meditation that one needs to undertake and overcome to completely lose one’s self in the practice, yoga has been a go-to of work junkies and …

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8 April 2014
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How to Cope with Sensitive Teeth

Dealing with sensitive could literally give you a headache. If you think ignoring it will make the pain disappear, think again. Pain in the teeth can make you immobile especially if it starts to escalate. There are many causes of sensitive teeth which can be anything to occasional and mild …

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18 March 2014
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Health Benefits of Liposoluble Vitamins

Vitamins and minerals are absolutely indispensable to any healthy diet. These are the essential nutrients that your body needs to reach its maximum potential. But with towers upon towers of vitamin and mineral supplements, what do you get? Which of these really work? Most importantly, what do they really do …

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11 February 2014
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5 Best Weight Loss Tips

Add more colour to your plate. Drink loads of water. Stop snacking after 6 in the evening. Stock up on cayenne pepper.
You’re honestly trying to get healthier, eat better, and stick to your recommended daily diet. But every day, a new advice is streaming the headlines and it gets downright …

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28 January 2014
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What food is best for immune system?

Age is just a number according to some who believe that feeling of being old and young is through heart and mind. Truly, the body strengthens or weakens depending on the lifestyle of the person regardless how old or young he or she is, and one of which to determine …

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